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Since her first transatlantic flight as a one-year old, Pats was ready for a future of travel and adventure. Being born in Poland and living most of her life in Canada, Pats grew up knowing different cultures, languages and continents. After exploring North America and Europe, she wanted to discover a new territory and culture that was unknown to her, that being South America. 

In 2009, while in University, she received the opportunity to travel to Peru with an NGO to work in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Piura and Lima. She quickly fell in love with the majesty of the Andes mountains and was inspired by the colorful traditions of the local artisans. Working primarily in design and image, Pats sparked an idea to develop an e-commerce website to offer the rest of the world the unique apparel products made by Peruvian artisans and designers. Realizing her dream in 2012, she officially packed her bags and moved to Lima.


While working in the business side of the Peruvian textile and fashion industry, she simultaneously explored the vast terrains of Peru and South America. Falling in love with the magic of the Amazon rainforest, the wonders of the Andes mountains and the beauty of the sandy costal beaches, Pats knew she wanted to transition over professionally to the travel industry. After meeting the friendly and travel-expert team at Rainforest Cruises, she knew her education, experience and passion was a perfect match. If Pats had to choose her favorite thing about Peru, without a doubt it would be the food. There is nothing a Ceviche and Inca Kola can’t fix.


Favorite Rainforest Cruises Boat

Delfin I Amazon River Cruise in Peru
The Delfin I Amazon riverboat is a luxury boat that cruises through the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Peru. With only 4 cabins on board, the journey through the Amazon is very intimate and personalized.

South American Destinations Visited

South America Map

Peru: Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Iquitos, Amazon Rainforest, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Paracas, Tumbes, Huacachina, Piura, Nazca, Ica
Ecuador: Galapagos Islands, Quito
Argentina: Buenos Aires
Next Trip: Brazil

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About Rainforest Cruises

Rainforest Cruises is a boutique travel company specializing in Amazon river cruises, Galapagos Islands tours, and Southeast Asia cruises. We provide you with the finest collection of cruises in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama and Southeast Asia. As travel experts we have all the advice you need to help you find and book your dream cruise and an unforgettable adventure.