Acqua Amazon Cruise

A Brazilian Adventure Aboard an Authentic Amazon River Cruise

The Acqua Amazon cruise is the larger sistership of the Lo Peix Amazon cruise. This authentic riverboat offers adventurous and environmentally-friendly cruises to the Brazilian Amazonas and Negro Rivers. The Acqua offers customisable itineraries allowing guests to select their own jungle excursions, based on their interests.

Travelers may choose from activities such as swimming with pink dolphins, an overnight jungle camp, nocturnal jungle walks, tree climbing or even a spectacular floatplane flight. The Acqua Amazon aims to steer away from busy tourist locations in order to show travelers the real, wild and unexplored areas of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. 

This comfortable traditional riverboat has a solar energy policy meaning it is one of the greenest boats on the Amazon, with little pollution and quiet, peaceful generator-free nights, allowing passengers to enjoy all the sounds that the jungle has to offer.

If you are a little short on time, the Acqua Amazon offers itineraries from as little as 3 days in duration, and up to 7 or more days for those who would like to explore deeper into the jungle. This riverboat is a great option for cruise charters. If you are a large family or student group, then a charter option is the best choice for you. 

The Acqua Amazon cruise is equipped to host up to 20 people. It has bathrooms, a kitchen, large deck and an open area for comfortable travel. The meals are all prepared using local ingredients and guests enjoy trying fresh Brazilian cuisine. 

For those explorers willing to learn the secrets of this immense river paradise, an Amazon river journey aboard Acqua Amazon takes you on an adventure to a mysterious, undiscovered world. A real experience inside the Amazon jungle awaits!

Please note that a pre-arranged visa is required by holders of US, Canadian and Australian passports, in order to enter Brazil. Contact us for more details.

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