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Experience one of the most luxurious, romantic and exotic honeymoons imaginable. Rainforest Cruises has luxury honeymoon cruises itineraries aboard vessels in Peru, cruising through the breathtaking wilderness of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. All of our river boats are honeymoon appropriate, however these luxury boats below will ensure an unforgettable honeymoon.

Delfin I                                    $3,699+
Peru – Luxury

Aria Amazon                        $3,645+
Peru – Luxury

Delfin II                                  $2,939+
Peru – Luxury

Cattleya                                 $2,869+
Peru – Superior

Zafiro                                      $3,119+
Peru – Luxury

Anakonda                              $2,179+
Ecuador – Luxury

Delfin III                                  $2,379+
Peru – Luxury

Iberostar Grand Amazon $939+
Brazil – Superior

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A Honeymoon to Remember

You can expect spacious and luxurious honeymoon suites (Jacuzzi and massage rooms included on selected cruises), delicious gourmet meals, adventurous jungle excursions and romantic Amazon river sunsets. Before, or after your luxury honeymoon cruise, you have the option to add on a honeymoon tour to your vacation. Climb the magical Machu Picchu, rub shoulders with wildlife in the Treehouse Lodge or boat through the renowned Lake Titicaca. 

luxury honeymoon cabins

Luxury Honeymoon Cabins

The cabins are spacious, the beds are large (California king size available), the linen, toiletries and towels are of the best quality, and overall, the atmosphere is extremely inviting. Selected luxury honeymoon cruises include a private jacuzzi and spa onboard. All cabins are climate-controlled and enclosed, ensuring critter-free, restful sleep. Hot water is always available in your spacious, private bathroom. Ask for a panoramic view from your cabin to enjoy the Amazon river's romantic sunset with your spouse. 

gourmet honeymoon cuisine

Romantic Gourmet Cuisine

The menus on board are a real source of pride and care, designed by world-class chefs to make the best use of the national recipes and locally-sourced ingredients. Meal times are a truly special experience, as guests await expectantly for the next dish, with the real possibility of new flavors. Even the table decor changes with every meal! Whether over a romantic candlelight meal or privately in your honeymoon suite, enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine or champagne after your delicious gourmet meal. 

honeymoon cruise lounge area

Beautiful Lounge Areas

The Amazon honeymoon cruise itineraries contain plenty of down time, especially during the hottest part of the day, and these luxury ships provide a selection of welcoming, comfortable areas - such as the bar, library, lounge or sun deck - to relax as newlyweds and watch the Amazon jungle glide gently past. Selected honeymoon cruises have private jacuzzis in honeymoon suites, perfect to dip into after a day of jungle excursions or private spa rooms to massage away the wedding stress. 

amazon honeymoon staff

Outstanding Staff & Crew

For many, the most memorable aspect of an Amazon honeymoon luxury cruise are the people one meets along the way. Key among these are the guides and ship's crew, who are hand-picked for their knowledge, amiability and hard work. Room service is available on board your amazon honeymoon cruise at anytime. The crew and guides will help ensure your honeymoon cruise runs smoothly by accommodating any special requests. Their presence complements the first-class surroundings perfectly. 

Choose a Honeymoon Tour Extension

Machu Picchu Honeymoon

This incredible Peruvian Andes extension will take your honeymoon in Peru to the heart of the Inca Empire and one of the world's top tourist destinations. 

Explore the mystic ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu and the romantic landscapes and neighboring archaeological ruins of the Sacred Valley. 

Treehouse Lodge Honeymoon

No need to choose between an Amazon honeymoon cruise or a jungle lodge for your unique honeymoon. Stay at the Treehouse Lodge after your honeymoon cruise.  

Rub shoulders with the treetop wildlife and gain unique and thrilling views of Peru's Amazon with a stay in luxury honeymoon bungalows built into the rainforest canopy at Treehouse Lodge. 

Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca 

An epic journey through the wind-swept Andean landscapes of Peru to visit her most important cultural and historical sites during your honeymoon in Peru.

Enhance your honeymoon cruise with the magically romantic wonder of Machu Picchu and the world's highest navigable lake, Titicaca, renowned for its size and mystique.

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