4-Day Amazon Discovery Cruise & Machu Picchu Tour Testimonial

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the email… I’ve been meaning to write to you.  We had an incredible trip [onboard the Amazon Discovery cruise] and enjoyed everything you arranged for us. What a spectacular place to visit and the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD!  I had the chance to meet your employee Patricia as she was on the cruise the same week as us so we shared our ideas and experiences with Rainforest Cruises with her, which was glowing. I hope she relayed that info to you. I wrote a long review about you and Rainforest Cruises on Trip Advisor so hopefully that will direct more people your way.  The Amazon Discovery was fantastic… the crew was incredible and I was particularly impressed with the three naturalists on board. We learned so much about the river, animals and environment that I feel so knowledgeable about the area now. And you were right, I did not get seasick! Yea! I ate very well each day on the boat… they have the most wonderful chef that I looked forward to each meal.  

Amazon Discovery Meals

For the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco Tour you did a great job! You had every detail taken care of for us and CATDMC was really great to work with when we needed to call them about a delayed flight, etc. Each of the tour guides that we had were incredible… the amount of knowledge they have about the Inca people and culture was fascinating. I felt like I was in a “living history class”. And I appreciated your suggestion on leaving Cuzco the night we arrived and going to the Sacred Valley... we did not experience any altitude sickness.

Machu Picchu Testimonial

We found Machu Picchu to be an incredible experience and were so glad that we spent two days there exploring the site and walking to the Sun Gate. Our guide Pasqual was awesome! And I really enjoyed Aguas Caliente... it was fun to stroll around the small town and see the people, markets, stalls, etc. The Peruvian people were so friendly!! They seem to be a kind, happy, joyous and welcoming people. 


Thanks for everything!


Kimberly C.
Seattle, U.S.A.

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