4-Day Selva Viva Amazon Cruise Review

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The Selva Viva Amazon cruise is one of the most eco-friendly cruises in the Amazon. It is owned and operated by a Peruvian-French NGO and has a strict solar energy policy. See what Katie and her partner had to say about their 4-Day amazon cruise in the Peruvian jungle. 


Selva Viva Amazon Cruise Review


Hi Daniel

We had a fantastic time! 

Our [Selva Viva Amazon cruise] guide Felipe was really informative and Alice was so friendly. The food in particular was really high quality and I felt we had a really nice balance of trekking and meeting communities but also enjoying some time on the boat to relax as well. It was all very well organised too - I have to say that it was very hot and there were lots of bugs but we were well informed about this in advance so we felt prepared for this. I've attached a couple of photos too.

Selva Viva amazon cruise review

I would say that we didn't see too much wildlife, which I know can't be helped and was not a huge issue for my husband. We did see many pink dolphins and a three-toed sloth which was amazing! The piranha fishing was really different too.  


Thank you again. 

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