5-Day Delfin II Amazon Cruise and Machu Picchu Tour

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Hi Sam,

We stayed an extra 3 days at the end of the trip in Lima so just getting reacclimatized to being home.

Machu Picchu

We had a fabulous time and we had perfect weather. The guides you arranged were knowledgable, friendly, punctual and professional. We had Magali in the Sacred Valley and Cusco and we really missed her when we had to say goodbye. She was a sweetheart. Our main reason for the trip was to go to Machu Picchu and our guide, Pascual, was perfect. He was enthusiastic about MP and ready, willing and able to accompany us up to the top of Huayna Picchu. The hike was challenging but very rewarding and spectacularly beautiful at the top. Pascual clearly has a love affair with MP and he was very willing to pass that enthusiasm and knowledge about the Inca traditions on to us. MP met our expectations and more. 


Delfin II Amazon Cruise


The Amazon cruise was also excellent. The Delfin II Amazon Cruise staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable also. They work very hard to please the guests. We were particularly fond of Rudy Flores, one of the main guides. He really had a passion for Amazonia and went to great efforts to make sure we didn’t miss out on any opportunities to see vegetation and animals. I was particularly pleased to go fishing for Piranha. It was amazing to see these vicious little creatures up close.


Piranha Fishing Amazon River


The hotel accommodations we stayed at were the Sol y Luna Resort, Inkaterra and El Mercado in Cusco. Sol y Luna and Inkaterra were fabulous facilities and we were disappointed that we were only spending one night in each. The staff and fare was excellent. The El Mercado was located well and the staff and food was quite good but the rooms left something to be desired as compared to Sol and Inkaterra. They didn’t turn on the heat during the day, even when it got cool and the water temperature control in the shower was not good at all. It kept getting too hot and too cold without even touching the controls. These are minor objections but you said… good or bad comments.


The main thing that I was worried about was that our drivers or guides wouldn’t show up on time, or at all. We heard some horror stories from other travelers about drivers not showing up. I didn’t have to worry because everyone showed up when they were supposed to and there were no problems in that regard.


Machu Picchu Peru

We take a lot of pictures when we travel and I make a travel album for each trip. I’m in the process of making a Shutterfly album of this trip with about 200 images. I’ll post the finished album on our personal travel web site in the next week or so and you can see them at your leisure if your interested. When I have them up I’ll send you a link.


Thanks again,

Michael T.
Arizona, USA

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