5-Day Iberostar Grand Amazon Cruise Review

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The Iberostar Grand Amazon Cruise in Brazil is the only ocean-style cruise ship in the Amazon. The riverboat has a large range of entertainment activities onboard: two swimming pools, restaurants, a disco, gym, massage room and more. Read on below to hear what Benjamin had to say about his 5-Day Iberostar Amazon cruise. 


Iberostar Grand Amazon Cruise Review


Hi Daniel,

Yes, we had an awesome trip aboard Iberostar Grand Amazon Cruise. The ship's crew were incredible, took time to make our trip memorable, they were all professional, but more importantly, they were so nice. The trip excursions were all fantastic and there were many choices, it was nice to have choices. The food, wow, so incredible, and all inclusive too, impressive. 

pink river dolphin

The rainforest and the river were exactly what we were hoping for, and the local village and people made the trip special. That and the pink dolphins! Thank you for your help making this trip happen. Please feel free to use this email if others want testimonials. 


Thank you!

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