5-Day Tucano Amazon Cruise Review in Brazil

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Just wanted to let you know that the trip [5-Day Tucano Amazon Cruise] was fantastic!  We loved it.  The 2 guides on the Tucano were unbelievable in their skills to locate wildlife; they spotted birds, mammals, and reptiles not visible to anyone.  They took us out on the skiffs 3 to 4 times a day; the night trips to see the nocturnal creatures was amazing. There were only 5 of us on the boat and we received great service from the crew. The food was delicious.  My husband and Ihighly recommend this trip and particularly the Tucano and its crew.

Tucano Amazon Cruise

Tucano Amazon Cruise

We would like to visit Argentina in the next few years, will check with you then.  Thanks again.


Sandra Lively,

Texas, USA.


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