5-day World Cup Cruise


"Hey Matt,

Thank you SO much for all you did to help me get out to the ship [5-day World Cup Cruise]! The flight [floatplane tour] was perfect. I felt SO swanky taking a private plane out to meet them! I might have told a couple people that I got a chauffeur to pick me up at the airport and take me to my private plane which then took me out to a yacht - which was only slightly exaggerating things. :) The trip was incredible - and worth the extra money I had to spend to get there.

Mo and his crew was awesome. I loved being able to watch the games on the ship and all the excursions were right on point ... The other guides were great and friendly and the food was incredible - FAR exceeded my expectations. And I loved the BBQ between the two boats.

I loved the piranha fishing (I wish we had more opportunity to do so) and loved being woken up each morning by beautiful classical music.

I would absolutely recommend this trip, or something similar. I have already spoken with my father and he is very interested in doing something similar, perhaps in another country. We will definitely keep you in mind when we figure out our plans!

Thanks again!"


Gwen Fairall
New York, NY

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