5-Day Zafiro Amazon Cruise Review

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The Zafiro Amazon cruise is one of Peru's newest luxury cruise vessels. Passengers can expect highly-trained expert guides, stylish design, modern facilities and a big adventure. See what Lucille had to say about her Amazon vacation below. 


Zafiro Amazon Cruise Review

Hi Jeremy

It was an amazing trip. We've travelled worldwide, and this was about the best. Everything was great. There were a couple of hiccups with hotels but we sorted it out. Everything went according to plan, we were taken care of everywhere.


5-Day Zafiro Amazon Cruise Review


The ship [Zafiro Amazon Cruise] was beyond luxurious and the staff and guides bent over backwards for us and we are pretty easy to please. They caught the fish each day and cooked it for lunch and dinner.  Our guide Herbert found as many animals as he could in the jungle including an anaconda, a poisonous bird eating spider and a poisonous frog and some kind of unusual mammal in the river that had got lost.

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The hotel in Iquitos was really special. It had been a rubber baron"s home and the tiling throughout was original. People who love modern Hilton type places would not like it because it's an old stately home but we loved being there. I can't say enough about the trip except that I wished it was longer. I will send photos when I get down to editing my almost 3,000 photos. You arranged it so well for us.


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