5-Day Zafiro Amazon Cruise Review, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca

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We setup our trip with Daniel. He was awesome. He answered and returned all correspondence in a very timely manner. He was very patient with the literally hundreds of questions that we had. The itinerary was exactly what we wanted and we felt like we saw and did everything we asked for. We felt very safe and learned so much from each of our excellent guides. Every connection and transportation need was taken care of (something that really takes the stress out of traveling). The hotels were great, often exceeding, our expectations. Our 16 day adventure took us to Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Zafiro Amazon River cruise. We highly recommend a land/cruise adventure, as you get to see a lot of Peru and the beauty it has to offer. 


Fishing on the Zafiro

We boarded the Zafiro in Iquitos on April 2nd for a 4 night 5 days cruise. We were first met by our guide Hulber at our hotel and he provided the details of our pickup and a rough itinerary for the coming adventures. The Zafiro is a beautiful ship and crew is exceptional. We were greeted by the crew upon arrival with open arms and a very warm reception.


The food was expertly prepared and the presentation was awesome. The meals were very delicious. The cabin (deck 2) has floor to ceiling windows with spectacular views of the Amazon river and jungle. The cruise director (German) was always available for any questions we had and shared in our enthusiasm of each activity. While on board I had a massage and my wife had a facial and manicure by Patricia that was exceptional.


Zafiro Amazon Cruise Review

Our adventures on the skiff (both day and night) far exceeded our expectations. Our naturalist (Hulber) was very knowledgeable and shared in our excitement of the flora and fauna that we saw. The skiff driver Alinson was always on the lookout for wildlife and maneuvered the boat with skill and precision. Each adventure that we went on, we felt safe because a medic (German -not the cruise director) was with us and prepared for any emergency that might arise.


One of the many things we enjoyed was, each day we would return to our cabin and had a different origami animal (made with towels) greeting us on our bed. The music (particularly the guitar) was fantastic. The crew (including Charles aka the drummer, the Captain and pretty much everyone) participated for a genuinely great time.


Anniversary Cake on Zafiro Cruise

While lounging on the upper deck (outside) Charles made sure we always had anything we needed. We celebrated our wedding anniversary while on board and was surprised, when the baker had made us an anniversary cake (this was very special to us!!).


This was a trip of a lifetime for us. Thank you so much to the Crew of the Zafiro and Rainforest Cruises for helping us make this happen.


Vance & Connie, 

South Carolina, USA. 

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