8-Day Jacare-Acu Amazon Cruise Review

  |   Jacaré-Açu

The Jacare-Acu amazon cruise is a traditional amazon river adventure. The itinerary will offer incredible scenery, wonderful wildlife-spotting opportunities, and constant adventure activities for all ages. Read what Peter had to say about his 8-Day cruise itinerary in the Brazilian Amazon.


Jacare-Acu Amazon Cruise Review


Hi Samael,

Without appearing overly enthusiastic, my 8 days on the Jacare Acu, with owners Cisto and Noe Costa of Katarre Expedicao on the Rio Negro were among the most wonderful of my many adventures around the world. My accommodations, the staff and the food, with free-flowing Caipariños were awesome. It was my good fortune that there were only 6 other passengers and we meshed well. Our guide, Ananais, an indigena, was knowledgeable and exceedingly friendly, especially on the several rainforest hikes we took. They get 5 stars from me.

My only suggestion is that you apprise future guests to stay at the new Katarre Expedition Hotel, "Mirante do Gaviao" in Novo Airao, their port of embarkation/disembarkation, far superior to anything in Manaus.



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