8-Day Tour on Tip Top 3 Cruise/Sacha Lodge

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"Hi Jeremy

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We had a great 8-day tour on Tip Top 3. Franklin, our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about all things Galapagos i.e. flora, fauna, geology, birds, animals, reptiles etc. We were most impressed with the food on board.

We had an eclectic group of six at Sacha Lodge and our guides Jorge and Pancho were again most informed, obviously passionate about the Oriente and the country. Again the variety and quality of food and drink served in such a remote area astounded the both of us, and the staff were most helpful and pleasant.

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Personal highlights included snorkeling with sharks, watching leaf cutter ants doing their march, dodging bullet ants, swimming with the you know who fish at Sacha, but generally just being excited about the learning aspects of places so foreign to us in west coast Canada.

... All our transfers worked out, and were in fact early! ...

In summary, we would definitely enlist your help if we decide to return to South America, especially given your quick and helpful response."

Bob & Laurie Seymour
British Columbia

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