A Trip On The Queen Violeta

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1. First, we had a great time. Only had two afternoons with rain in the rainforest.

2. We were surprised when they picked us up at the Iquitos airport and we ere the only ones on the bus to Nauta. We asked the guide and he said that we were going to be the only guests on the boat until Thursday. We couldn't believe that they would run the boat with a crew of 7 just for the two of us. Needless to say we got an upgrade in our cabin. Had our meals served, no buffet for these first 4 days. The food was excellent. The staff was very friendly. Plus we had the Naturalist all to ourselves. What a great experience. The Naturalist, Johnnie was simply wonderful. He was extremely knowledgeable, with perfect English and really liked his job.

3. I don't know if you heard but the road from Iquitos to Nauta was washed out and will be impassable for a long time. The guest that joined us for the last three days of our cruise had to return to Iquitos and the boat had to sail to Iquitos to pick them up. I think all the cruises will now have to follow this pickup point for a period of time. This road closure necessitated a change in the normal boats stops so even though we did not do a night game watch or visit the Shaman we were totally satisfied with what we did see. My wife is a teacher and so she was delighted that we got to stop in three villages and see a school. Two of these visits were impromptu which was great.

4. A tip for future traveler. We took your advice and stayed at the Ramada now branded a Wyndam, across the street from the airport [Lima]. Good suggestion. A few days before we left I double checked on the hotel and found that the rate had dropped about $50, so I canceled the first reservation and re-booked it. I knew it was going to be a good trip when it started out like that. Plus we had an empty seat between my wife and I on the flight to Lima and then to have the boat all to ourselves with the icing on the cake.

Many thanks for all your suggestions and assistance in setting up this trip."


Jim and Barb Golomb
Northfield, IL


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