Amatista 6-Day Cruise Review

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"Hi Jeremy,

Amatista cruise testimonial

The cruise [Amatista 6-day] was awesome. We couldn't believe they still ran it as there were only six of us on board - a seventh joined half way through. There were more crew than clients, so the service was phenomenal. The meals were some of the best we had in Peru. The whole adventure was amazing.

We did most of our wildlife searching via skiff - only one trek in the jungle on foot as well as the tree-top hike. Because it was high-water season, we did not see too much in the way of animals, but we did see hundreds of different birds, several species of monkeys, a sloth and a baby emerald tree boa.

We would definitely recommend this trip to others and the service you provided was great. I've attached one of the pictures which has captured the most comments on my facebook page - a picture of me with my catch while piranha fishing. I'm hoping my friends realize that going to Peru, and on an Amazon Cruise, really is not all that scary!!!

Thanks for your help in setting everything up."

Donna Pierson & Wendy Corbett
Oakville, ON

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