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If your desire is to experience the Amazon (locals call it the Amazonas) River area of Brazil (local spelling is Brasil) I feel the Amazon Clipper Cruises offer the most comprehensive, informative and exciting tour available at a reasonable price. Specifically we chose the Amazon Clipper Premium which was quite comfortable with ample spaced rooms with two beds which could be pushed together as one large bed, spacious bathroom with stall shower and space for all your stuff. The food was excellent served buffet style; and the boat had ample deck space for viewing the flora and fauna. The 16-room ship accommodates a small group of 32 people while the excursion canoes holds 16 on comfortable bench seats with back supports – cushions are provided. The guides are local and extremely knowledgeable. While you can read about the daily activities on the Clipper internet site, much more is added during the trip and I will not go into details so as not to spoil the wonderful surprises in store for you during your adventure. Let me just say that this was a magical trip I will not soon forget.

Amazon Clipper Premium Cruise


Amazon Clipper Premium Cruise Review

  • We booked with Rainforest Cruises after doing a lot of research. The first thing was the email communication with Samael was excellent, even with the time differences the response were quick and all questions answered.
  • We flew into Manaus and stayed at the Holiday Inn, you can prepay for a taxi which costs R88.00 as the hotel don't organise collections from the airport. You need to get yourself to the Tropical Ecoresort and you get met by the guide there, who for our tour was Kristoff.
  • It a short walk down to the sea and a small boat takes you to the boat. We had cabin 1 which is on the first floor and has a shared balcony at the front, the room is also slightly larger to well worth the extra money.
  • The days are packed with lots of activity.
  • The best bit was the walk through the forest and having Kristoff and a local guide teach us about the plants and trees. The piranha fishing was great too and my wife caught a huge fish!
  • Meals are good though if you're vegetarian then choice can be limited. All drinks except water have to be paid for and the bartender will run up a tab for you which you can pay by credit card at the end of the trip.
  • On the last day we went to see the 2 rivers meet – Rio Negro and Amazonas which was quite spectacular. The walk to see the Victorian lilies wasn't that interesting and think this is more geared to the larger tour groups who haven't experienced the amazon walks.

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