Another Successful Voyage On The Delfin II

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Delfin II amazon cruise testimonial

Hi Jeremy,

We just got back from the whole vacation and it was wonderful. The boat is beautiful and the crew could not have been nicer or harder working.

We had one of the part owners on the boat, so the itinerary moved about a little - we stopped at a sandbar beach and got volcanic mud body wraps. I think they moved some of the other parts around as well, but I definitely feel we got everything promised and more.

Delfin II amazon cruise testimonial

There was also a large group, 12 folks who were a mix of family and friends who knew each other and maybe the owner? They were from Lima and really loved to party - the bartender was their favorite person on the boat! What was fun about that was they really enjoyed when the crew did after dinner music, so they played for us a couple different times, which of course lead to dancing ... it was really a lot of fun.

Delfin II amazon cruise testimonial

I thought that your handout prepped us better than any of the other groups: I was considering not getting good binoculars, but was convinced by the handout. And we were the only ones and that was too bad because our naturalist was fantastic at spotting the animals, but they were still far away. So with the binoculars I got to see everything up-close - multiple monkeys, iguanas, sloths and almost every kind of bird.  

We really loved our naturalist, Rudy. In addition to knowing everything about the animals and plants he is a really kind person - he stopped and talked to the villagers and bought their melons everywhere we went.


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