Aria 5-Day Cruise, Machu Picchu, Rio & Iguazu Falls

  |   Machu Picchu

"Hello Matt,

We had a fabulous trip [Aria 5-day cruise, Machu Picchu, Rio & Iguazu Falls]. From end to end, other than a couple of small things, everything went great. The Aria was an incredible experience, worth every penny. The staff, food, wine and activities were excellent. We made friend with several couples on the boat ...

... Machu Picchu was a great experience. Our guide for that tour and our Sacred Valley Tour were very knowledgeable. The Rio Salado hotel was spectacular, I wish we stayed one more night.

Iguazu Falls was also incredible. The Hotel Cataratas was outstanding, other than our tours, we never left the property. Food and staff were great. We viewed incredible sunsets each evening ... The Argentinian side tour was breathtaking and our guide was very helpful in taking us through the park.

Rio was great, our tour guide was fantastic. The night tour was a lot of fun. Our day long tour was long but very informative with incredible views. Our guide took us to a late lunch at a restaurant that was one of the best meals we had the entire trip. We spent a great deal of time just hanging out at the beach. The beaches were just beautiful. The hotel [Porto Bay] was very good, the pool on the 20th floor was very cool.

Thanks for all your work."


John OKeefe & Party
San Ramon, CA

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