Brazilian Jacare-Acu Amazon Cruise Review

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On behalf of Bob, Mary and me, we want to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to the Amazon. The boat [Jacare-Acu] was comfortable and well-appointed. The staff was welcoming, professional, and very attentive. I will confess that I am a picky eater and generally lose weight on vacation. On this trip, however, I tried everything that was put in front of me, including the ants. It was all very good.  

Amazon Cruise Review

What really made the trip exceptional though was our guide, Samuel. I would take another trip with him in a heartbeat.  He is a skilled wildlife adventurer. Sam's knowledge of the natural environment and native people were invaluable in enhancing our education about the region and ensuring our overall enjoyment. And I would be remiss if I did not mention what a truly fine human being Sam is.  He is an excellent ambassador for Rainforest Cruises and Katerre Expeditions. 


I have friends who intend to travel to the Amazon later this year. I will put them in touch with you via an introductory email when they are ready to make contact. Thank you again! 


All the best,
Deb C.

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