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Ted and Maneesha just recently returned from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. They boarded the Cattleya Amazon River cruise and spend their days cruising through the Amazon River and its tributaries. Read about their wonderful experiences below.


Ted's Review:

The Amazon experience on the Cattleya was excellent and recommended. We booked it through Rainforest Cruises and it was a pleasure to deal with Remi who was so responsive from beginning to end. The vessel itself is very finely designed and built, the right size for an intimate and personalized trip up the various rivers in the upper Amazon. With only four cabins, the boat takes only about 8 passengers max each excursion, so everyone can get to know each other at meals, on day trips, and on the upper deck where there are 2 couches and a canopy. We loved the people on our trip and the social aspect of being in a small group.


cattleya amazon cruise review


The pace of the trip was leisurely, and at least twice a day we got off the boat into skiffs to explore some of the smaller, shallower tributaries where we could get a closer look at wildlife. We saw pink river dolphins, herons, hawks, caimans, frogs, snakes, and white egrets by the hundreds.  My most indelible visual memory is of hundreds of egrets taking flight and pounding their long elegant wings in front of us up the gently meandering channel of a wide stream, with green walls of rainforest rising steeply on both sides.


On our trip we had 2 naturalist-guides, Johnny and Christian, who were very knowledgeable and friendly; at least one of them would join us for each of the three daily meals so we could chat about what we had just seen, or would see, or about the natural history and culture of the river systems. 


Back on the Cattleya, the food was excellent, prepared fresh and stylishly by a talented and passionate chef in a glass-enclosed kitchen right in the dining room, which has nice wraparound windows to take in the river views.  The service was also attentive and friendly. Again, highly recommended.


Cattleya Amazon Cruise Review


Maneesha's Review:

I am very glad to have picked the Cattleya for my Peruvian Amazon River experience.  I appreciated its intimacy, service, and comfort. The customer service provided by the booking company, Rainforest Cruises was top-notch. Remi, the agent we worked with, made the entire booking process easy and seamless.


Our Cattleya cabin was very nice with a big river-view window, comfortable bed, shower and AC. The cabin service was frequent and unobtrusive, taking place when we were at meals or on excursions, so the room was always clean and nicely kept, with stylish touches like bird-of-paradise flowers and towels creatively folded into the shapes of animals. The kind staff even gave some of us lessons on how to make these shapes.


Amazon River Cruise review


The meals and dining room were great. Each meal was different, using mostly local ingredients, and prepared with care and pride by the chef.  I am vegetarian, so the chef was able to make me separate (and also interesting) meals when the others might have been eating meat.


I loved the excursions in the skiff, going up smaller rivers and streams to see the ecosystem up close; at times we got out for short jungle walks to giant lily pad ponds and nature conservancies. The naturalists were friendly and sharp-eyed, spotting birds and monkeys and three-toed sloths high in trees long before the passengers would have ever seen them. I was amazed when one of the guides stuck his hand in a swamp during our night excursion and pulled out a caiman so we could pet it and see it close up. It was a beautiful creature!


Great, unforgettable trip to a sensitive and unique part of the world.

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