Clipper Premium Amazon Cruise

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Everything went off as planned, and that is tough to do when you travel, due to so many variables.

Your documentation was excellent, although I think we overpacked to cover all contingencies in weather and we were blessed with perfect 80F degree weather and no rain! We always knew what the plan was for the day with both verbal and written daily itineraries. Both guides were informative and always ready to answer any questions, if they did not know the answers, they would research it and get back with you.

A special shout-out for our boat driver Roberto, he went places I would never have to retrieve anything of interest for our boat, whether it be caymans, spiders or plants. The ship [Clipper Premium] was very comfortable and clean, with plenty of public space to spread out.

My one worry was the food as both Rich and I do not care for fish, but this turned out to be a non-issue as there was plenty of variety at each meal and wonderfully prepared.

My only suggestion is to make sure to tell clients to start their Brazilian visas as soon as possible and to find a good visa service - the whole process was more time-consuming than I remember from a previous trip to Brazil.

All in all it was a fantastic trip. Thanks, Bob. 


Robert Sorum & Richard Barnes
Escanaba, MI

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