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Hi Daniel

We loved our trip! It more than exceeded all expectations and I could have sat on that beautiful Clipper Premium cruise boat with a caipi and watched the jungle float by for another week.

The food was by far some of the best we have had in Brazil and we did not feel short changed at all as vegetarians. All the staff were incredibly professional, Chris (the Guide) was knowledgeable, fun and easy to spend time with, it all felt very personal to him. He made sure we found some monkeys who clambered all over our delighted daughters.

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The kids had a marvelous time, yes we saw the dolphins, a real highlight for the girls. 

I can thoroughly recommend the trip and your services, in fact I already have several times. I looked to post a review on your website but had trouble locating a place to do so, I will try again.

Many thanks for your assistance and we made our flight with time to spare. I've attached photos. 


Best regards,
Louise J.

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