Delfin I 4-Day Cruise & 20-Day Peru Land Tour

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We were extremely pleased with the high level of customer service we received from your agency! My husband and I travel 5 months every year and we typically do all of our own bookings and trip planning. However, when we started planning our trip to Peru, we were so impressed with your knowledge, responsiveness, and trip ideas that we decided to book the whole trip [Delfin I 4D Cruise and 20D Peru Land Tour] with Rainforest Cruises!

As a result, our trip went smoothly, we relaxed more, and got to see places we might not have found on our own. We were specifically pleased with several guides who stood out because of their knowledge, professionalism, and promptness ... Paola shared her love of the city with us, gave us cooking recipes, took us to the local café, and as a true testament to her work dedication, she waited over an hour outside the airport terminal to make sure that we checked in for our return flight home.

On a spur of the moment, we decided to change our trip plans and left Iquitos on an earlier flight to Lima ... To our surprise, the agency was able in such a short period of time to arrange an earlier transportation for us and even provide us with an English speaking tour guide!

This is just one example of your agency’s superb service! Another would be that Jeremy was able to book us front row seats on the train from Ollantaytambo (beautiful town not to be missed) to Aguas Calientes! Score! The most scenic train ride one can imagine with the best seats on the train!

Thank you for helping us create a truly memorable and enjoyable visit to Peru."


Mili Lytell & Party

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