Delfin I Amazon Cruise Is Icing On The Cake Of Peru Vacation

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Delfin I amazon cruise testimonial

Hi, Jeremy.

We had an absolutely fabulous vacation. I cannot remember any other vacation where all the arrangements were so flawless!! Every time we got off a plane, there was someone there to meet us and take us where we needed to go.  AND, every one of our guides (in Lima, Cusco, and Macchu Picchu) so clearly loved their country, their culture, and their history- and shared it with us with so much enthusiasm.

The hotels were excellent; our only slight disappointment was that the night we returned to Cusco, we were in the same hotel, but clearly in a less expensive room, in an area of the hotel that was not quiet.

Delfin I amazon cruise testimonial

And, the Amazon river cruise was just grand! You were so correct in recommending to us the smaller boat - we felt ever-so-well taken care of; and the food was high class.

We also liked your recommendation about doing the cruise at the end of the trip: we both felt that we were ready to relax — and we did! The sunsets on the Amazon were very special; and Roger got some great photos of the sunsets.

BTW, we both did swim with the pink dolphins—what an experience!!

Delfin I amazon cruise testimonial

We would LOVE to do another vacation with you; we just need to figure out where we are going next time, and whether it is some country where you operate.

I also want to thank you personally for all the care that you took BEFORE we left for the trip in making our arrangements: at every step you were prompt, helpful, and filled with excellent suggestions.

Thanks so much.

Mary I. Armstrong, Ph.D.


Delfin I amazon cruise testimonial


I concur with Mary on all fronts. A fantastic trip.

One slight addition I would have made if we were to do this again would be to have an extra day at Macchu Picchu (although this might have not worked with the cruise schedule). I would have liked to have witnessed a sunrise there the next day, before going back to Cusco.

As Mary noted, our guides were first class. Extremely knowledgeable, informative, and excited to share their historical knowledge as well as some of their personal experiences with us.

Delfin I amazon cruise testimonial

The cruise was better than I expected although the steering on the boat went out the first night, and they had to alter the schedule some. That being said, the food, service, and swimming with the pink dolphins was unbelievable.

I have to reiterate Mary’s point about doing the cruise at the end of the trip. This was definitely the better way to do the two components of the trip.

Thanks for all of your efforts setting it up for us.

Roger A. Boothroyd, Ph.D.

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