Delfin I Cruise and Treehouse Lodge

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Hi Daniel,

Attached are a few random pictures from our trip. We had a great time. Our first flight was delayed due to mechanical issues so we missed our original flight to Lima but spent the night in Dallas and were able to fly through Miami the next day so just missed the first day in Lima, but got a nights sleep as a result of the delay so all good. I called the emergency contact in Lima so they were able to quickly make the change and still meet us at the airport later that day. 

Treehouse lodge and Delfin I Amazon Cruise

The Treehouse Lodge was a lot of fun. We had a guide who spoke English and a local guide from the village pretty much with us all of the time so we could customize what we did. That worked really well. The Delfin I was an amazing boat. We enjoyed all of the activities but especially like that fact all 8 of us ate together and we were all from different countries. That gave us lots to talk about and really enjoyed everyone's company. Again, the boat and activities were top notch.

Amazon river cruise testimonial

Overall, a great trip I'd recommend to anyone.

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