Delfin III Amazon Cruise Review

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Dear Matt,

I would say that we all really enjoyed the trip [Delfin III Amazon Cruise with Rainforest Cruises]. Staff, amenities, rooms, ship, food - all good. We particularly enjoyed the wildlife activities but thought that the villages were also very interesting. If we could, we would have advocated for more physical activities, but enjoyed the walks and the boat exploration. I know Nancy really liked the night ride. Negatives? Not really any that come to mind.

 Delfin III Amazon Cruise Review

Joselin and Walter were also first rate on the Lima tour/transportation.

One comment - in Africa, the naturalist guides communicate with each other two 2 way radios to make sure that special sightings are enjoyed by all. Your guides do a bit of that but maybe they could coordinate with/hire local villagers to better ensure that we see special sights of the jungle. For instance, the local guide on the "casual walk" scoured the forest to make sure we saw anaconda, boa, tarantula, bullet ants, and such.

 Delfin III Amazon Cruise Review

Thanks again for a memorable adventure - we now have a much better appreciation for Lima, for Peru, and for the Amazon.

Andrew K.

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 Geri Daniel loved her vacation with Rainforest Cruises.
We had an absolutely fabulous time on the Amazon cruise. Thank you again for the trip of a lifetime.
— Geri Daniel, Austin, TX
 The Johannson family encounter a sloth on their rainforest cruise.
We had a wonderful time in the Amazon. We were all impressed with the efficiency and organization of the trip from start to finish.
— Jeanette Johannson & Family, USA