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"Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your email. We have arrived back home, after a wonderful stay in Brazil. We were really happy with the Clipper Premium cruise - it was fabulous. Our cabin was spacious (for a small vessel) and very clean. The water for washing was river water, so a brown colour, but we understood the reason for that. Although not new, the cabin was very comfortable. The meals were very good, with plenty of choice. The drinks were reasonably priced.

The sightseeing schedule was huge! Each day started with a 5.30am wake up call, and off in the canoes at 6 am for a sunrise tour. There was usually an afternoon tour as well, and one night, a night tour for spotlighting animals. Being a small vessel, we enjoyed meeting the other travelers. The two guides were very excellent, and both great guys.

So, yes, we would thoroughly recommend it. My personal highlights were seeing a toucan in the wild, and swimming with the pink dolphins. I didn't catch a pirhana!

Thanks for your help. Best regards, Meryl "


Meryl & Lynn Widenbar

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