February 2018 Cruise Testimonials

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The short answer is that we had a fabulous time on the river [aboard the Anakonda Cruise]. The guides were fantastic and made the trip for us. We were able to see lots of animals, which was my goal. Our photos are beautiful, as John will share with you. The adventure quality is 5 star. 

The ship is a beautiful old thing, staffed with good people. 

Like I said, the guides made the trip for us.  They were kind, knowledgable, interesting, fun and had no language issues.  We adored them.

Here's a few pictures from our cruise. We really enjoyed this and we'll see what other trips you offer if we come back to South America.


2018 Cruise Testimonials


Hi Daniel,

The trip was amazing and we had a great time. Zafiro is beautiful and the crew, the food and the naturalists were truly exceptional. It was a memorable vacation for us!



Hi Daniel,

I wanted to write earlier, but we came to Lima and immediately started to work… It was amazing! The Amazonas is a great place, Ceiba Tops was perfect and most of all – Raul. He is so knowledgeable, took us to places and showed us things even outside the planned tours. It was total fun and we were very sad to leave. Conclusion: you have to try it!





Let me add my compliments to Karen's. The guides and the people on the Zafiro boat made the trip truly special. You looked forward to experience each adventure every day. Thank you for your help.



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Hi Daniel,

We had a fantastic time in Peru. The Zafiro riverboat, crew, the food, the excursions and especially the naturalists -- were all absolutely amazing. Pasqual at Machu Picchu did a dynamite job.




Hi Jimmy

Yes, I met Daniel on the boat. The Delfin III cruise was amazing. I loved it. The food was really good, and they made this amazing gluten-free bread and other things for me. I really liked all of the naturalists and others working on the boat- they were really sweet. I liked the singing and music too and the craziness. I'm glad I went! It was really a luxurious experience, and I enjoyed it. I also slept really well, probably because there was no wi-fi! 

I actually want to go back to the Amazon and to Peru soon and learn Spanish as well. My entire time in Peru was amazing, and the cruise was a really nice way to end it.



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Hi Matt

We are back from the fabulous cruise aboard the Iberostar and will be taking flight back home tonight. Many thanks.




Hi Daniel,

Wanted to let you know that we are back from our Alia cruise of the Galapagos Islands which was fantastic! Thanks again for all of your help and we will definitely contact you regarding our future travel.

Michael and Sue M.

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