Galapagos Legend Cruise and Machu Picchu Testimonial

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Machu Picchu and Galapagos


Our vacation was outstanding! Machu Picchu and Galapagos are definitely bucket list destinations.  Here's our feedback on the trip details.


1. All of the air flights were right on time.  Also, all of the transfers to and from the airports were excellent. The drivers and transfer contacts were very friendly, courteous and extremely helpful.

2. Hotel accommodations were very good. We only had one issue in Cusco - there were barking dogs outside the Mercado hotel one evening. We were very impressed with the Sol y Luna hotel - we would have liked to have stayed there 2 nights. Also, we really liked the Inkaterra hotel and would have liked to stay there 2 nights.  We were also pleasantly surprised that dinner was included at the Inkaterra. 

3. Our tour guides were outstanding and we would strongly recommend that you continue using these folks!

4. The Galapagos Legend cruise was great and met all of our expectations! We did have a minor medical emergency on the cruise - one of our guys had a gall bladder attack and was mostly bedridden for 2 days. The medical staff on board managed the situation well.


Bottom line is that we had an outstanding vacation and were very pleased with all of your planning efforts. Thanks Matt!


Randy C.

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