Iberostar Grand Amazon and Brazil Tour

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Dear Matthew


Just returned after 2 weeks - fantastic trip! Credit to you and your amazing work! 


The Savoy: good choice as it wasin the heart of the city - Their service was excellent - The greet and meet was very well organized in a private dining area... they gave us a last minute birthday cake for Prem Williams and the staff even sang Happy Birthday in Spanish! 


Recanto Cataratas Iguacu Falls: this was the best accommodation - fantastic - wish we could've spent one more day! The architecture brilliant.


The Go in in Manaus: OK - what one would expect - but it was so close to the Port so that helped with not having to travel distances. There are not many hotels anyways in Manaus. 


The Rio Palace: - good -  3 blocks from the Copacabana beach. The last day dinner was also great. The amount of USD20 was charged directly to our rooms so that made it very convenient . The staff very obliging and gave us a nice corner away from the main dining area and we could make all the noise we wanted!


The Iberostar Ship on the Amazon: was great - very attentive - most of us were on the 3rd deck (Upgraded to the top level) so those who were on the 2nd were a bit disappointed but that was ok... they were also upgraded as promised.


The best guide was in Argentina - Lucrecia very upbeat and enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. 


Guide at Rio Guillerme -  good and had a lot of patience with me! 


We had one flight delay and that upset our Iguacu stay but we saw everything. 


Your emergency cell was really very good - they gave me some good advice and in constant contact... sorry to have bothered you as well.


All in all, I have to say - Matthew you will always be my first go to agent for the whole of South America! Your service and immediate response is simply amazing! Always went beyond the call of duty! Also I have to say if you could not do something, you gave me an explanation as to why it cannot be done!


Thank you for all the excel sheets - Names with passport details, dietary restrictions, arrival / departures - it was not even your job but you helped me with organizing myself. Your help in streamlining the program with all the details in a orderly fashion was exemplary! I can go on and on...


Thank you, Matthew! Rainforest Cruises is a notch up with you on their staff.




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