Iberostar Grand Amazon Feedback

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Hi Remi,

I just got back from South America, as we also toured the Pantanal and had a stay in Chile.

My friend and I both enjoyed our cruise with Iberostar Grand Amazon very much; I will definitely recommend this trip to any of my friends. 

Iberostar Amazon Cruise Feedback

Overall Experience Onboard Iberostar

  • The staff was very friendly and forthcoming
  • The rooms were clean and comfortable
  • The adventure trips were always on time and fun
  • The guides seemed to be knowledgeable and due to the fact that there were only 9 English speaking people on board, our group on the adventure trip was small and therefore very enjoyable.
  • The entertainment and food was also very good
  • We were always safe the crew and staff made sure of that


I cannot really say anything bad about the trip. Of course it was a bit “touristy” but I did not expect anything else, as we did not really book a real backpack jungle tour.

All in all it was a lot of fun and if I do it again I would book the longer tour.


Ursula R.

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