Machu Picchu and Coral Galapagos Cruise Review

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Hi Jeremy!

We had a great time!It was an amazing Adventure [Machu Picchu Tour]! In Peru all the hotels were gorgeous! At first I was a bit freaked out because they had 2 rooms, I thought I would be joining but when I saw the rooms and realized how safe it was, we were so happy! One was more gorgeous than the other!

Machu Picchu

Sol Y Luna is magnificent and the people were amazing... each property had staff that were so attentive and friendly! Our Guides and Driver were the best! All questions answered, so knowledgeable. Even my kids were interested in their stories and the history. I wanted to cry saying goodbye to them, they made us feel so welcomed in their country.


They were always onetime and made sure we saw everything! I wish I had more time there, but the time we had was truly amazing!

galapagos tour

The Coral Galapagos cruise... at first there was confusion about our rooms..they assigned us rooms from the airport and then on the boat they changed us. Also, they did not give us the cabins that connected. I think that was because Isabella is 18 and not a minor. They gave us two cabins on top deck, which was fine, but my kids were on the opposite side of the boat. They could have at least put us side by side. The cabins were nice sizes and my kids were ok with it, so we just went with the flow. The boat was beautiful and the staff once again amazing!! 


We had so much fun and were luck enough to have a great group of people! We saw and learned so much. The food was good the service impeccable. I can’t say there was any complaints other than the room assignment and that’s not really anything bad. The guides were so much fun, we even had a night of twister and dancing! Which the kids initiated and guides and all adults joined in! My daughter called this the “ultimate family experience”!


Thank you for answering all my questions and planning such an amazing trip! I will definitely pass your info along to those that are interested in the Machu Picchu experience! And when I can convince my husband to do the Amazon, I’ll give you a call!

Denise C.

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