Manatee 5-Day Cruise, Quito & Northern Peru

  |   Peru

manatee cruise testimonial

"Dear Miles,

Back in the UK again, I would like to thank you again for arranging such a fascinating trip [Manatee 5-Day, Quito & Northern Peru].

It was a really special holiday with enormous variety, but well paced too.

We could not have managed it without all your input, and if we drove you nearly dotty with all our mails and questions, I am sorry!


manatee cruise testimonial


"Dear Miles,

Once again, thank you for organising such a wonderful holiday for us.

Friends have asked me what the high points were and it is really difficult to decide. The Napo River trip was very special, especially seeing the pink freshwater dolphins and also the children in the little school. We were amazed at the Archeological sites in Peru, and we learnt such a lot about the Chimu and Moche people. It all just got better and better as the time went by!

However, probably the best part for me was being in the Andes. The scale and beauty of those mountains is unforgettable.

I hope that we shall be able to visit South America again before we become too old!

With best wishes to you all, Philippa"


Elizabeth Prosser & Philippa Seldon
Herts, UK

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