New Year Celebrations on the Amazon (Dream)

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Piranha fishing on the Amazon

Our family of 6 had an incredible time on the Amazon Dream over the Christmas and New Years holidays. This small river boat is one of the last wooden boats made in the Amazon and it is absolutely charming and beautiful.

The owners who happened to be on board ensured that everything was top-notch, from the service to the excursions to the sights.  They surprised us with a carefully detailed and arranged candlelight dinner on the beach. We rang in the new year with a champagne and suckling pig roast dinner and a pop-up samba party on a  beach in the middle of the Amazon. All of the guests (14 in total) agreed that the meals should be Michelin-rated - it was fresh, local, and absolutely delicious. Every dinner was preceded by appetizers on the top deck and caiprinhas. 

Rainforest hike on the Amazon Dream itinerary

We went on a rain forest hike with a local guide who educated us on the different flora and fauna. We swam in beautiful empty beaches that completely destroyed any previous notions of the Amazon river. We visited local villages and were treated to a special Christmas/New Years ceremony.

This cruise was extraordinary and the Rainforest Cruises folks made the organization and reservation process very easy.

Hochan Wan & Family



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