Peru Land Tour and Selva Viva 4-Day Charter

  |   Selva Viva

"Dear Jeremy,

selva viva cruise testimonial

The trip [Peru Land Tour] was faultless and went everywhere we wanted to. The guides Pascal, Maria and Tula were exceptional. These are people who loved their job and it showed. Their organizational skills were great and I enjoyed a trip in a pedal tricycle in Puno. The Machu Picchu train to Cuzco was exceptional.

selva viva cruise testimonial

The crew on the Selva viva [4-day charter] were very good and professional, even if the boat was showing signs of age (it was only 7 years old!!). Our trip was very concise and fitted my schedule perfectly. It would be hard to improve this trip!"

The Woods & Camerons
New Zealand

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