Machu Picchu & Selva Viva 4-Day Cruise

  |   Machu Picchu

"Hello Miles.

selva viva testimonial

The trip [Posada Amazonas, Machu PicchuSelva Viva 4-Day Cruise] was absolutely amazing experience. Since we have been back, we have recommend you to many of our friends and family, as you guys did such a wonderful job in organizing the entire trip for us. It has been the best trip we have been, completely stress free from the time we arrived everything was all there and waiting. You did a amazing job. Thanks again for Everything ...

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... The best part of the trip was living in the Jungle: that was amazing, even without electricity. Activities were different every day; not once did we get bored and food was amazing.

We also have the best guide ever - Johnny was his name. He would spend time with our daughter (11) to pick out little frogs and stuff along our hikes. He was also super considerate of her as well - made her feel like she was just like the rest of us in the group."

Ginger Chan
Calgary, AB

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