Review Of The Jacare-Acu 5-Day Voyage

  |   Jacaré-Açu

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for being the one to “sign me on” to an incredible experience on the Jacare Acu on the Rio Negro on September 6-12. My daughter and I had a marvelous trip.

I’d like to share with you some of the highlights as well as a couple of snafus. Snafus first, because they were small and few.

Upon our arrival in Manaus, we walked out with our luggage around 9pm expecting someone to meet us. No one was there. We traversed the airport a couple of times looking for the names of anyone on the contacts you sent us, but there was no one. I approached a Hertz counter where there were several workers and explained our plight. One young man spoke some English and kindly used his cell phone to call about 6 numbers that I supplied: one from the Transfer voucher, two for the Travel consultant, and also the cruise operator Katerre. None of these answered. Then he tried Go Inn who did answer and who then contacted the transfer company who arrived about 30 minutes later.

The next day our guide from Katerre phoned Fonturs and reconfirmed the departure transfers for the 12th, so those transfers to the airport occurred without difficulty.

When we arrived at Go Inn, they had mistakenly made the reservation for a single room/one person. They did find us a room and were kind and helpful in the process.

At this point I was a little wary about the days ahead, having just had 2 snafus upon arrival. However, I should not have been concerned because all else was a fluid, problem-free adventure.

I’m not sure how it happened but Robyn and I had the entire Jacare Acu all to ourselves. We were the only guests with a crew of 4. We had that huge boat running just for us! 

... The crew was perfect: 

Our guide Eni spoke English clearly and made much effort to give us experiences that suited each of our likes. I am a bird watcher, and Eni can imitate numerous birds and identify them. He seemed to create excursions that suited my daughter and her hiking needs as well as my desire to take small boat excursions. He was just a jewel ... I am so happy we had Eni.

The chef Gisella was remarkable. She prepared some of the best meals, wonderfully tasty and such variety. We always looked forward to the surprises at each meal and her creative ways of preparing the fish, some of which Robyn and I caught ourselves. (We went piranha fishing!!!)

The captain - and I cannot remember his name (we just called him Captain) - was remarkable at taking us in the small boat into back waters around many islands, looking for alligators and birds and fish. Even at night, he could maneuver us far away from the Jacare Acu, so far that I was sure we’d never be able to find the way back, but he always did. He had worked as guide for fishermen before becoming captain with Katerre, so he knew his way around that river.

Mario was his assistant and often went on the excursions, as well as did many other things around the ship. He was always agreeable and helpful. I suspect he will captain a ship himself in the future.

I would go back and do the same or similar tour again ... but only if I could have the same crew!!!

Judy Puckett

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