The Best Family Trip! Awapé 8-Day Cruise

  |   Brazil

"We booked an [Awape 8-Day Amazon river cruise] through Rainforest Cruises....

and this trip got to be the best trip our family ever had!

Rainforest Cruises adverses for many different cruise companies and itinearies, what we have picked was a small house boat "Awapé" from a company called Katerre Amazon Expeditions. What sets this cruise apart from other cruises is that the boat starts not from Manaus but a small town Novo Airao some 100 km up stream. This way, you avoid the crowed area of the river and directly get into the less visited area.

Awape Cruise Vessel

The boat Awape has three bedrooms, two with a queen bed and one with four bunker beds so the boat can accomodate 8 passengers. But this trip, the only passengers are three of us so it became a private cruise. The boat have 2 crews, two cooking ladies and one English-speaking nature tour guide so three of us were served by 5 people.

During the 8 days, we cruised some 200 km upstream in the Rio Negro (a major tributary of Amazon in the Amazonia state). Most of the time, we could not even see other boats so the entire river was so tranquil. The itinerary included overnight camping sleeping in hammock accompanied by waterfall and animals. We got up almost every morning before dawn to see birds and animals, we had rainforest hiking, swwiming, fishing sharp-teeth piranas. We even have evening canoe trip to watch and play with Caiman alligators! Our nature guide Ananias was amazing. He was born and raised in an Indian tribe untile 15 and living with a missionary couple in Manaus so he English is quite good. He is just natural with the nature and knows every thing about local fauna and flora. He taught us so much about plants and animals and how to weaving handcrafts with paml leaves. Our two cooking ladies had great taste and during the 8 days we have different meals every meal they all very tasty. The captain knows the area so well and it's amazing how he can drive the small motor canoe in the flooded forest maze.

This trip is simply beyond our expectations in every aspects. We highly recommend anyone who is interested in adventuring into the deep Amazon to see the intact pristine nature there. To save the energy, the boat does not provide hot water for bath but the river water is warm enough even our trip was during the coldest season June 6th-June 13th. The cabin is a little short for the 6 feeters, always watch your head.

Jeremy, the owner of Rainforest Cruises is very knowledgable about the cruise and he is very helpful throughout the process."


Victor Wang,

California, USA. 

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