Treehouse Lodge, Amazon Star and Machu Picchu

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What a wonderful trip! Thank you for all the work you did. I was the only person who even knew about the Treehouse Lodge, let alone got to stay there!  I would have liked an extra day there because by the time we got there from the airport it was too late to go out in the boat, and since I had to meet the Amazon Star group we had to leave so early that we only got a short ride the third day, so I really only had one day to explore the rainforest.

Treehouse Lodge

Treehouse Lodge

All the contacts were there on time and very nice and helpful, and make sure you tell everyone to go with a private tour. The two men I had were fantastic. They knew so much, and were so very nice that every time we saw a group tour I just felt better about taking your advice and going one on one.  We even had people stop and ask how they could have had the experience rather than dealing with larger groups.  And the new dates turned out to be perfect!  During the rainiest month of the year we only had one boat excursion they cut a little short because we got soaked and every other day we had sun, beautiful sunsets, and didn't miss seeing any of the animals. 


The Casa Andina's were also very nice - the one in the sacred valley was exceptionally nice. It would make for a romantic honeymoon! I kept my schedule with me all the time and it was such a help. I can't think of anything you could have done to make it easier or better. Now I just want to go back and do it again.


Thanks again for all your help - it truly was a once in a lifetime experience


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