Treehouse Lodge and Spondias Amazon Cruise

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Dear Jeremy,

Our trip was fantastic, start to finish!  As two single ladies traveling in Peru we were very happy with the way we were met at the airport and escorted everywhere.  First to our hotel, then to Nauta, then to the Treehouse Lodge (my favorite) then to the Spondias, then back to the airport. Rainforest Cruises provided first class guides and service.

Treehouse Lodge Review

We loved the Treehouse Lodge.  One is so close to the jungle and it sounds. Our first night seemed noisy but we quickly came to love the night jungle sounds. I swam in the river due to my wonderful guide, Guido, who went in first and calmed my nerves.  He was fantastic throughout.


Treehouse Lodge and Spondias Amazon Cruise

The Spondias [sister boat of the Cattleya] is a beautiful vessel. The staff of eight made us feel very pampered. Our guide Jesus (Jess) was extraordinary in his knowledge and ability to locate wildlife. We actually saw three Owl Monkeys on a kayaking trip (very rare as they are nocturnal), and crossed paths with a ten foot Boa on a jungle walk. Priceless!

Thank you so much for making our dream trip come true.


Jerri H.

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