Unforgettable Adventure Around Peru

  |   Delfin II

When we decided to take an Amazon river cruise, we were on overwhelm with all the choices of tour companies, boats, and expedition types. After much research, we selected a 3-night-4-day trip on the Delfin II through Rainforest Cruises. So glad we did! The boat, services, food, crew members, naturalists and tours were all stellar. My husband added 250+ birds to his life list, pink and grey dolphins were breaching outside our room, and we saw wildlife galore, including several kinds of monkeys, sloths, iguanas, an anaconda, a poison dart frog, tarantulas, caimans, blue monarchs, and more. 

Amazon rainforest tree

Prior to the cruise, we stayed for 3 days in a treehouse 39 feet above the ground at Treehouse Lodge, not far from where we embarked on the Delfin II. Rainforest also arranged for us to visit Machu Picchu/Sacred Valley for four days, and three days in Lima. An unforgettable adventure all around!

Deborah Ann S.

Colorado, USA.

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