View From Peru: The Amazon And Altiplano

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Here is a detailed review from the Preisers of Walton, NY, who went on a Peruvian adventure, taking in the sights of Machu Picchu, Puno and the Amazon aboard La Amatista:

'Dear Matt,

casa morey iquitos

We are pleased to report a very satisfying and rewarding trip to Peru and the Amazon. All transfer connections were on time. We were very pleased with the accommodations noting that the Casa Morey in Iquitos was exceptional. We were guided around Peru by skilled guides, were well fed and had restroom stops when needed. The visits to Uros and Taquile in Lake Titicaca were magical.

amazon sunset

We were lucky to have only 5 in our Amazon tour group on the La Amatista for the first 2 days with our guide Huber, a Peruvian national treasure; he was great and very knowledgeable. His partner, Robinson, who arrived on day 3 with the rest of the group was also top notch. The river trip was most notable for the people and villages along the banks. We saw many birds, but exotic animals are maybe better seen in a zoo.

amatista cruise testimonial

The second day visit to the aguardiente (sugar cane rum) distillery was amazing. The entire La Amatista crew was ingratiating and their nightly live music wonderful. The boat accommodations were fine with AC, private shower and without bugs. The food was abundant but not exceptional. It was special when the chef prepared the piranhas that we caught and the fish we purchased from a dugout canoe fisherman. I would have liked a dugout canoe paddle experience myself!

Any pre-trip misgivings we had evaporated and your planning and voucher system worked well.


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