View From The Ground (Or Water): Tambopata

  |   Tambopata Research Center

When Rainforest Cruises receives feedback like the below from our clients, we simply have to share it - with some of their wonderful photos to accompany it:

"My wife and I have just returned from a 5 day trip to the Puerto Maldonado region, staying at the Refugio Amazonas and the Tambopata Research Center. We booked the trip with Rainforest Cruises. It was a truly fantastic experience from beginning to end. Both the lodges were really lovely, with friendly staff and excellent food.

Our guide, Fernando, was exceptional. As well as being ridiculously knowledgeable about every species of plant, bird and animal we came across, he appeared to have a sixth sense in locating the animals. We would be walking along, completely unaware of any animals being in the proximity and he would suddenly stop us in our tracks, cup his ear and point to something amazing! He didn't relax once in his pursuit to find us as much wildlife as he could. We saw 4 different species of monkeys, 3 species of cayman (including one massive black one!), a tarantula, a wandering spider (the worlds most venomous spider!), a snake (can't recall which species), thousands of macaws, a toucan, wild pigs and turkeys, hundreds of capybaras ( giant guinea pigs ... very cool animals!) and much more. It really was amazing.

The tour itself was incredibly well organized and ran like clockwork throughout. Staff even printed off our return boarding passes for us, without us even asking, saving us having to queue at the airport. It was little touches like this that made it so good.

Thank you to Rainforest Cruises, Fernando (the best guide in the world) and to all the staff at the two lodges for a truly memorable trip."


Finn & Claire McClelland
Bangkok, Thailand


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