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Anawrahta Myanmar Cruise

Myanmar – Luxury Cruise

Experience elegance in Myanmar aboard the Anawrahta cruise, sailing through the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers

If you want to experience the Irrawaddy River in complete luxury then Heritage Line’s Anawrahta cruise ship is a good choice. Boasting some of the largest cabins on the river, you won't be short of space as you float along the mysterious waters that form the lifeblood of Myanmar. But, the opulence doesn’t just stop at the palatial rooms, the mighty vessel has the highest crew to

passenger ratio of all the boats on the Irrawaddy. This means that you won’t be left waiting for your wishes to become reality. Every crewmember is ready to deliver the highest level of service to complement your trip. With its gleaming white rails, polished lacquer, intricately carved woodwork and shining brass, The Anawrahta takes guests back in time to an era of bygone elegance.

Have you ever wondered what Myanmar was like under British colonial rule? The Anawrahta will take you one step closer to finding out how the Myanmar of a bygone era was – the one the Kipling fell in love with. Built in the style of a British colonial paddleboat, the Anawrahta will transport you back in time to a Myanmar of former days. Taking its name from Anawrahta (born in 1014) the founder of Burma – now known as Myanmar – the boat exudes regal connotations, which are present in everything on board. Legend has it that Anawrahta’s father, the ruler of Pagan, was overthrown by his step-brothers. Upon hearing the news, Anawrahta challenged one of them to a duel and won, thus returning the crown to his family.


65 metres long and comprising 23 glorious cabins, the spacious boat features beautiful woodwork and gleaming brass décor, all of which adds to its splendour. During the day, soak up the never-ending sunshine from the boat’s pool deck. From here, you will have unparalleled views of the wild jungles, speckled with villages, that fringe the mighty river.


There are 5 different types of room available on board the Anawrahta: Deluxe, Deluxe Executive, Junior Suite, Executive Suite and Royal Suite. Every room has its own private balcony and has been designed to fuse traditional Burmese and British colonial styles. This seamless intermingling of cultures makes each room a work of art, encompassing elegance and comfort with gorgeous furniture and stunning ensuites.


If you are looking to splash out, the two Royal Suites are truly spectacular. Each featuring its own private Jacuzzi, the rooms are decorated with hand-carved woodwork and the finest Burmese fabrics. This is accommodation fit for the royalty it has so aptly been named after.


As dusk starts to settle, retire to Kipling’s Bar or the Mandalay Lounge for a nightcap. Decorated with exotic colours that emulate the exoticism of Myanmar, these two venues are perfect for relaxing and watching the water glide past all around you. When darkness settles in, curl up with a book in one of the plush armchairs, before heading off to bed.


After a long day of cruising through Myanmar, you might be in need of a bit of pampering. Fortunately, the Anawrahta has you covered with its luxurious Thazin Spa. Pop in when its time to unwind and indulge in one of their revitalising treatments – choose from a range of options, including a mani-pedi, massage, facial or steambath. You’re guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Of course, no cruise is complete without a fabulous menu to leave you fully satisfied after each and every meal. The Anawrahta is no exception to this rule and offers an array of mouth-watering dishes to delight its passengers. Local flavours play a prominent role in this kitchen as the onboard chef acquaints you with some of Myanmar’s finest plates. Fresh seafood, exotic spices and vivid vegetables are just some of what you’ll find in the Anawrahta’s Hintha Hall Restaurant.


All of the itineraries on this cruise will allow you to visit the remarkable city of Mandalay. Bustling and lively, Mandalay is everything you would expect from a modern Asian city. Moving on you will get the chance to check out the mystical ruins of Bagan as well as some smaller, lesser-known towns such as Pakkoku, Yanderbo and Ava. Some of these tiny towns and villages are so hidden away that you might well feel like the first outsider to have ever visited.


Keep your eyes peeled as you sail along the river for the famous Irrawaddy river dolphins. These rare but beautiful creatures may well accompany you on your journey as you explore their country. Now, cast your gaze to the shore and see if you can make out the local villagers going about their daily life. This is a unique glance at Myanmar that will stay with you for life. Wave and smile at the locals, look out for exotic animals and, most importantly, have the best time of your life. 

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A single-entry visa is required for all foreign citizens traveling to Myanmar. More information about obtaining a tourist visa can be found by Contacting us, your local embassy, or your preferred travel visa service.

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