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Anouvong Inaugural Cruise Offer

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Book any Anouvong cruise before October 15 and save 20% off the normal price. Sailing with Rainforest Cruises’ first Laos specific vessel begins in 2020.


Golden Triangle Traverse

Huay Xai - Luang Prabang (vice versa) 4 Days - 3 Nights Upstream & Downstream

A slow voyage along the timeless upper Mekong River revealing captivating land- scapes, remote native communities and unique cultural insights. Explore a rather unknown part of Laos along this river stretch linking the captivating town of Luang Prabang with the Lao-Thai border in the Golden Triangle. The cruise is offered in both directions with a 3-night stay.

Laotian Serendipity

Huay Xai - Luang Prabang - Vientiane 8 Days - 7 Nights

Vientiane - Luang Prabang - Huay Xai 10 Days - 9 Nights

Serendipity means an unexpected and fortunate discovery, and this leisurely cruise through the enchanting, lesser-travelled Laotian countryside is sure to be a journey filled with exciting surprises. This cruise combines the Golden Triangle Traverse itinerary with guided tours in ancient Luang Prabang, and continues on a wonderful mean- dering off the beaten track voyage to the Laotian capital of Vientiane. The cruise takes 7-nights downstream and 9-nights upstream.

20% OFF will be applied to all of our Anouvong Cruise bookings made before October 15, 2019. This offer is valid across Deluxe and Deluxe executive cabin types, and applied to all advertised departures from September 2020 - April 2022. Please enquire with us about our 2021 & 2022 availability.


Offers cannot be combined with any other offer, are subject to availability and valid for NEW bookings only.  All departure dates are subject to availability! If you have interest, please contact us as soon as possible to take advantage of these offers.

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