Camila Galapagos Cruise

The Very Latest Luxury Catamaran to Sail the Galapagos 

Joining its cousins the Ocean Spray and the Petrel is the latest addition to the Galapagos luxury cruise options, the Camila. This extremely inviting boat ensures you the best creature comforts while you go in search of incredible wildlife on cruises of 4 days or longer.

First class guides assist you with up-close encounters with the iconic Galapagos species such as white tipped sharks, giant sea turtles, rays, marine iguanas, and much more. And with a stable catamaran structure, you'll definitely go to bed soundly every night.

The Camila small catamaran, with its sleek and stable black hull and bright white exterior, is a sight to behold on the shining azure waters of the remote Galapagos Islands. There are just 8 Staterooms to accommodate a total of just 16 passengers so you and your loved ones can enjoy cruising in a private ambiance.

Each of the cabins has their own balcony, equipped with two chairs and a coffee table, a great place to tranquilly start and end each day in one of the most exclusive cruising destinations in the world. A large lounge on the Upper Deck and a cozier one on the Lower Deck give plenty of common space for relaxing with a book from the library or a movie when on board, in addition to the inviting sun deck complete with flexible reclining chairs and indulgent Jacuzzi which is always a favorite for all ages. 

The Camila is manned by an 11-person crew, including a Quality Control Manager and first class naturalist guide, and each team member each dedicated to providing topnotch service to complete your luxury Galapagos journey. Also, meals are excellently prepared by the on-board chef, well-versed in both Ecuadorian and international styles, to make sure you are well nourished and satisfied at all times!

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