Amazon Clipper Premium: 6-Day Cruise

6-Day Solimões and Negro River Cruise

This combination of the three and four-day Amazon Clipper Premium itineraries visits both the Solimões and Negro Rivers.

It is for those who want a more in-depth experience of Brazil's magical Amazon region, as well as a chance to enjoy the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and service of the Amazon Clipper Premium for longer.


Please note that the itinerary below is dependent on the river water level, weather conditions, wildlife behavior, and accessibility to locations, so may vary. All times indicated are approximate, and are also subject to change.

Clipper Premium Cruise Itinerary

Manaus - Amazon River 

Meeting at the lobby of the Tropical Hotel at 14:00 hrs.

Board the Amazon Clipper Premium and depart towards the Amazon River, whilst enjoying a welcome drink and briefing about the itinerary and facilities.

After a snack, we meet in the leisure room for lectures about Amazonia, where we get an introduction to Amazon conservation and ecology.

Before dinner, you may like to try a caipirinha, a sugary cocktail which is the national drink of Brazil.

After dinner, we explore the river's edge with powerful searchlights to spot caiman, night-hawks, snakes, toro-rats, sloth and frogs.

Clipper Premium Cruise Itinerary

Janauaca Lake 

We wake up at Janauaca Lake and make a dawn exploration by canoe of the rainforest as it too wakes up, keeping our eyes open for jungle birds and Pink River Dolphins.

We return to the Amazon Clipper Premium Riverboat for breakfast, which is then followed by a walk in the forest and a visit to the inhabitants of the lake area who live from manioc plantations, fishing, harvesting diverse fruit trees, including Brazil nuts, rubber tapping, logging and other extractive products.

We go fishing for piranha in the late afternoon: despite their fearsome reputation, they are surprisingly easy and fun to catch so it is not only for passionate anglers! At the same time, there are great chances to see Hoatzins and large flocks of egrets.

After dinner, we explore the forest in our canoes to observe nocturnal animals and admire the millions of stars of the southern hemisphere constellations.

Clipper Premium Cruise Itinerary

Lago Janauari - Manaus - Rio Negro 

Early this morning we explore Lago Janauari Ecological Park, a 9,000-acre reserve of flooded forest which is an excellent place to observe wildlife and a chance to see the famous Victoria Regia giant water lilies.

Once back on the boat, we sail past Manaus enjoying fine views of the waterfront - with its floating docks, market, Old Custom House and Opera House - on our way up the Rio Negro.

After dinner, once again we have the option to explore smaller creeks in our canoes and listen to the sounds of nocturnal animals with the possibility of observing birds, frogs, snakes and caimans.

Clipper Premium Cruise Itinerary

Rio Negro - Anavilhanas National Park 

As dawn breaks, we explore the river's edge in our canoes where we often find fruit-eating birds such as parrots and toucans.

After breakfast we go for a jungle walk, during which we discover many surprising fragrances in leaves, fruits, woods and animals.

Around midday we return and we may go for a swim, before lunch.

In the afternoon we navigate through the Anavilhanas National Park, one of the world`s largest fresh water archipelagos, a labyrinth of waterways.

In the late afternoon we embark in the canoes and learn more about this wonderful nature reserve.

Clipper Premium Cruise Itinerary

Indigenous Village - Amazon River 

Early this morning we spend a little time fishing for piranhas and other fish.

After breakfast we visit an indigenous community, where we learn about the preparation of manioc flour and the health and education situation of the children. Along the way, we find many typical Amazonian fruits such as Cupuaçu and Tapereba, palm trees such as Açaí, Tucumã and Pupunha.

After lunch, we land at one of the white sandy beaches to swim in the dark water and perhaps enjoy the presence of Pink River Dolphins.

Exploring by canoe and scouting for wildlife in the late afternoon.

On the way toward the Amazon River will be served dinner.

Clipper Premium Cruise Itinerary

Meeting of the Waters - Manaus 

During breakfast, we sail to the Meeting of the Waters, the confluence of two of the world's largest rivers, the Amazon and the Negro, notable for the clear difference in colours of each river, which take many miles to mix.

We then return to the Tropical Hotel pier, on Manaus' waterfront.

We arrive at 11.30am, where your incredible Amazon cruise ends.

  • Please note that all cruise itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions (and resultant variations in river and tributary water levels) affecting accessibility to locations. Thus navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain’s discretion.
  • Passengers should also be aware that animal sightings cannot be guaranteed due to the unpredictability of wildlife behavior. 

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