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Ebony– Marketing & Data Management

Having started her travel journey during University, in the past 5 years Ebony has travelled around Southeast Asia, Europe and her most recent destination, South America. The desire to explore Peru sparked when she met her partner in England. After finishing university she packed up her bags and came to Peru with an open mind to explore and see the exciting world she comes from.

Since arriving in Lima the end of last year she has truly integrated into Latin culture, living with natives and learning how to prepare and cook national dishes. One of her favorite local places is the centre of the city; taking day trips here she is able to embrace the heavily Spanish influenced architecture, a reminder of Europe which makes her feel at home. She has taken regular time out of her schedule over the last 3 months to explore more destinations in this bio-diverse country such as Arequipa, Paracas, Ica and Huacachina. Experiencing new highs from sand boarding across mounds of endless desert to indulging in Pisco and local wines has made her fall in love with Peru even more. Better yet was Cusco, where she spent the whole week over New Year celebrating like a native Cuscenian - embracing local rituals and dancing in the Plaza as the clock turned midnight. She was left with a variety of exciting and unique new memories - bracing the cold and quad biking around mountains, visiting historic ruins such as Sacsayhuaman in addition to supporting local business, purchasing Peruvian pink salt from the edgy salt planes in Maras. One of the most beautiful places to see was of course the unmissable Machu Picchu. The first wonder of the world she has visited completely blew her away, igniting her desire to travel further. She now has a new ambition - to see every wonder of the world.

Working with Rainforest Cruises has allowed her to concentrate on her passions. She now lives in Lima with her Peruvian girlfriend, making lists of all the new places they both plan to see in the future. The next voyage on Ebony's horizon is Ecuador, an exciting opportunity for her to venture further in South America. She loves working with our team here in Lima, helping to provide unforgettable experiences to other keen explorers of the world.

Favorite Rainforest Cruises Boat - Zafiro Amazon Cruise

The Zafiro is a beautifully crafted ship, with unforgettable 4, 5 and 8 day journeys. The stunning facilities and attentive staff make the full experience nothing but a pleasure. Every cabin is fully equipped with anything you could possibly need. The panoramic views are mind-blowing, whether it is morning, noon or night you can capture the full surroundings of the luxurious journey right outside of your bedroom! Take time to unwind between your jungle explorations in the jacuzzi-style bath tubs and nipping a few drinks from the mini-bar. With critically acclaimed Peruvian chefs hand crafting the menu, you can guarantee the gastronomic experience won’t be anything less than exquisite. Check out my personal experience on board here:

About Rainforest Cruises

Rainforest Cruises is a boutique travel company specializing in Amazon river cruises, Galapagos Islands tours, and Southeast Asia cruises. We provide you with the finest collection of cruises in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama and Southeast Asia. As travel experts we have all the advice you need to help you find and book your dream cruise and an unforgettable adventure.