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Frequently Asked Questions

For many, cruising the Amazon, Galapagos Islands, Mekong or the Irrawaddy River is the adventure of a lifetime and hiking the Inca Trail is top on the bucket-list. You will be exploring one of the most remote and undeveloped parts of the world. Half the adventure is the very fact that you are heading into the 'unknown', but there are many things that, as South American and Southeast Asian travel destination experts, Rainforest Cruises do know. Let us put your mind at ease and alleviate any concerns you may have with our comprehensive FAQ section below. You can also view our Travel Guides page for in-depth articles about destination information, cruise information, weather and seasons, and much more. 


visa and reciprocity

Do I Need a Visa?

It's important to be well aware of all visa and reciprocity fee requirements prior to travel, to avoid any disappointments. U.S. citizens, require a visa for Brazil. Learn about visa and reciprocity fees for Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina before booking your Amazon trip.

What should I pack?

Many of our customers have never been to the rainforest before, so its important to know exactly what to take with you. Being prepared for your Amazon Cruise will ensure that when a magic moment occurs, you have captured it on film, or have seen it in living color with your binoculars.

When should I go?

Customers often ask when the best time to visit the Amazon is. Two factors come into play here: the weather itself, and whether it is high or low water season. Rainforest Cruises examines the characteristics of these to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.


Will piranha eat me?

Would you be eaten by piranha? Chances are highly unlikely. Learn more about what safety precautions to take before and during an Amazon cruise. Our Amazon Cruise Safety guide includes information on yellow fever and malaria, motion sickness, wildlife safety, city safety and more. 

amazon jungle lodge

Cruise or Lodge?

Planning a trip to the Amazon jungle but not sure if you should stay at a jungle lodge or cruise the Amazon river? We've made an honest attempt at tacking this frequently asked question. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, like location and season.

Is it easy to spot wildlife there?

One of the many attractions of the Amazon is its stunning wildlife. But how easy will it be to spot? Rainforest Cruises have put together a short list of common animals seen on an Amazon River cruise. From three-toed sloths, to pink river dolphins, there are many unique creatures to encounter.


Why should I take a cruise?

Of course we may be a little biased in our opinions here, but we truly feel that cruising the Amazon River is an adventure of a life time that shouldn't be missed, if you are lucky enough to get the chance. It is after all one of the world's new seven wonders of nature!

Should I bring my children?

I guess it depends if you like them or not. Just kidding! It is often asked whether the Amazon is a good place to take your children, and specifically whether Amazon River cruises are suitable for families. Rainforest Cruises examines the pros and cons of bringing the clan with you on your cruise.

iquitos city peru

Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado?

No trip to Peru is complete without a trip to the Amazon. But with so much space and multiple ports to enter through, it’s hard to know the difference between which Amazonian destination will suit your needs best. Aren’t they all the same? Not exactly! Learn about the different areas below.


Why should I take a cruise?

To truly experience the diverse and impressive Galapagos Islands, a Galapagos Cruise is the ultimate experience for bucket-listers and nature-lovers alike. Considered one of the world's most extraordinary places, many travelers dream of visiting the mysterious and remote islands.


Will I get eaten by a shark?

Will you get eaten by a shark? Chances are unlikely. Learn more about what safety precautions to take before and during a Galapagos cruise. Learn about the limits of cruise boats allowed, wildlife safety, sun protection, emergency medical care and more. 

Is it easy to spot wildlife there?

The Galapagos Islands are defined as such because they are home to the world's most unique marine and land wildlife. You will see creatures on the Galapagos that you cannot see anywhere else. In fact, Charles Darwin used the island to form his natural selection theory.


What should I pack?

It's important to know exactly what to take with you when travelling to the remote Galapagos Islands. Being prepared for your Galapagos Cruise will ensure that when a magic moment occurs, you'll be ready. Packing light is key when travelling to the Galapagos. Start checking off your list. 

When should I go?

Despite being in a tropical region of the world, it doesn't have the same tropical heat as you would expect. In fact, the Galapagos doesn't have a tropical climate, which means you can visit the Galapagos Islands all year round, and enjoy the weather and the unrivalled wildlife. 


Should I bring my kids?

There may be no better place in the world for an intimate encounter between children and wildlife than the Galapagos Islands. It is often asked whether the Galapagos is a good place to take your children, and specifically whether Galapagos Islands cruises are suitable for families. 

Land Tours

Machu Picchu with Kids

Machu Picchu with kids?

Can I bring my kids to Machu Picchu? Is this a recipe for disaster? No, it's not! Learn about how to make your trip to Machu Picchu with kids easier and hassle-free! Here you'll learn how Jeremy and his wife managed a Machu Picchu trip with their 4-year old daughter, and 7-year old son. 

Machu Picchu

What is the weather like there?

You should keep in mind Machu Picchu weather and climate when planning your trip. Like many subtropical regions, Machu Picchu has two seasons; the dry season and the rainy season, and these will influence when you may want to take your tour of the ruins. Learn more below. 

Sacred Valley Peru

What should I pack?

Not sure what to pack for your Cusco and Sacred Valley trip? Don't worry, we have your covered. The Andean highlands of Peru are known for their varied weather, so it can be hard to know how to pack appropriately for your trip. View our Sacred Valley Packing List to help you pack accordingly!

Huayna Picchu

What is Huayna Picchu?

What is Huayna Picchu and how do I get there? Isn't Huayna Picchu the same thing as Machu Picchu? Actually, no, they are quite different! Learn about what the difference is between these two mountains and get to know their different treks. Choose the adventure that is best for you. 

Alpacas Peru

What is the Sacred Valley?

What is the Sacred Valley and what can I do there? Are you taking a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu, but don't want to miss out on other popular sites in the area? View our list of the top 6 things to do in the Sacred Valley. These unique destinations are worth every bit of extra time. 

Cusco Peru

What do I do in Cusco?

The city of Cusco is the heart of any visit to Peru. Tucked into the Andes, it’s the former center of the Inca Empire, cultural capital of the country, and gateway to South America’s most infamous Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu. See the top 10 things you can't miss in Cusco, Peru! 

Southeast Asia

Where is the Mekong River
why go to myanmar
how to get to myanmar

Where is the Mekong River?

The mighty Mekong River is one of the most impressive waterways on the planet, snaking its way through 6 different countries over the course of almost 5,000 km. Before boarding a Mekong River cruise, you may need to answer the question, where is the Mekong River?

When to go to Myanmar

When Should I Go to Myanmar?

When planning the best time to visit Myanmar, or Burma, it's important to consider seasons. This is particularly true when planning to travel by river cruise. One of the most important factors to consider are the weather patterns. It's critical to prepare for a variety of weather possibilities.

Why Should I Go to Myanmar?

Why go to Myanmar? From unspoiled natural landscapes to ancient Buddhist architecture, friendly locals to mouth-watering food, you should asking yourself, why no go to Myanmar? Read on for 8 fantastic reasons why we think you should travel to this fascinating country this year. 

What to do in Bagan

What Should I See in Bagan?

Bagan is probably the number one destination in Myanmar for travellers. It is home to some of the most impressive temples and pagodas in the world and emanates a mystical charm that simply can’t be described or replicated. So, what should you do and see while you are there?

How Do I Get to Myanmar?

Due to its recent appearance on the world tour radar, some travelers may not know how to get to Myanmar. As this country is emerging as one of the hottest travel and river cruise destinations, we will spend a bit of time detailing the best way to get to Myanmar.

what to do before or after myanmar cruise

What to Do Pre or Post Cruise?

Planning a trip to Myanmar and wondering what sights are not be missed? From archaeological wonders to pristine palm-lined beaches, panoramic viewpoints to colossal caves and serene lakes, there are plenty of reasons to visit Myanmar. 

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