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Galapagos Lodges

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and explore the wonders of the Galapagos Islands. Travelers often enjoy combining their Galapagos cruise with an island lodge stay in order to extend their vacation. As Galapagos experts, we work closely with only trusted and experienced lodges that can seamlessly combine with cruises. From the highlands of Isabela Island to the centrally located, Santa Cruz, we have a lodge option for every traveler. Below you will find a selection of our top-selling Galapagos lodges used for island hopping. 

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Pikaia Galapagos Lodge

This lodge is located on top of two extinct volcano craters and is surrounded by 31 hectares of lush green forest and savannah. Guests at the lodge can look out over much of the island and are treated to unrivaled ocean views. The Pikaia Lodges is knows as the most luxurious lodge on the islands.

Scalesia Galapagos Lodge

Located on one of Isabela Island’s volcanoes, guests sleep in luxurious 570 square foot tents that are equipped with plush double beds and en-suite bathrooms. The lodge arranges all Galapagos Islands excursions and activities including snorkeling, visit to the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, trekking and more.

Galapagos Safari Camp Lodge

The Galapagos Safari Camp consists of a number of lavish tents "safari style", equipped with plush beds and modern facilities. The tents allow guests to feel fully immersed in nature without having to compromise their comfort. Select from a Standard Safari Tour, Family Safari Tour or Scuba Diving Tour.

But what if I want to visit somewhere else?

If you want to visit anywhere else in South America, don't worry at all - we've got you covered. With our extensive knowledge of travel within the region, we have the contacts and know-how to put together an itinerary just for you, all you have to do is ask! Give us a call and one of our Travel Specialists will be happy to answer any questions.

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Please note we do not sell flights directly ourselves, but we do work with our trusted South American flight specialist partner Exito Travel to create seamless itineraries. All lodges can be be easily combined with a cruise or land tour. 

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